Saturday, January 23, 2010

Intro: An Impeccable Imperfect World.

First and foremost I would like to say welcome to my blog. This will be the place where I empty all of the trash kept in my mind. The media gives us a lot of pointless information about pointless people that have some cosmic power to become relevant in regular people everyday lives. I like anyone else, surf the internet, watch television, and listen to the radio. I hear all about sex scandals, celebrity bashes, who's dating who, all that, which makes America the superficial country it is. Here is where you get my voice about all of this random crap.....My zodiac sign is that of a Cancer, and Cancers tend to be everybody's best friend. I am the type of person you can talk to about any and everything. I don't judge others, because thats just not nice. I am the voice of reason and truth.......I bet you're saying "Well who are you?" I am the person that is just like you. I will say the things that you are thinking.

Everybody has a voice; rather they speak or not is up to that individ
ual. I chose to say what I want when I want. For that reason I have gained friends an
d foes. I tend not to care about what people think. This is a blog site. I will be releasing details about myself and my views on other people, (views not judgement). These are my views and my opinions if you don't agree, well that
s fine. I am secure in enough to take critism. The internet is full of naysayers and negativity. I try to be above the negative and focus on the positive, people tend not to respond well to positivety, well basic ppl. Anyways read a couple of my post, comment if you want. Feel free to indulge into the wally world of Ciera Chantál.

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