Monday, January 25, 2010

She Said....

Today I thought about one of my favorite songs. She Said by Foxx feat. Trey Songz. I identify with the lyrics. Listening to this song had me thinking about the feelings involved with sex. We all know that women tend to think with their hearts and guys think with their heads, no not that head, the head down there. But anyways the song describes a woman, you men out there may classify her as a basic bitch; that falls in love with a guy thats only trying to have sex with her. I think that in some rare cases it is quite easy for a lady to mistake fucking for love making. This mistaken action can send any woman head over hills about a guy who could care less about her or her feelings.

Some woman may never admit to having feelings for a "cutty buddy" they may never show any signs of caring for that guy. But deep down inside you ladies know that you can get caught up in your motions when it comes to an unhealthy sex relationship.

I'm not putting screwed up emotions only on women. Because guys get the wrong idea from a totally platonic sex relationship, as well!

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