Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Rap Beef, Stop Beefing Start Eating.

Nicki, Keys, Shy beef is SO ridiculous.

Keys is pretty much talking slick about Nicki because she’s a Female Rapper, that’s winning right now. I will admit Keys has flow, and she killed that “She Got A Dunk Beat” But why go after Nicki? I guess Keys is smart because this did get her publicity. Her YOUTUBE video even got her a meeting with Lil'Kim, something most new rappers in game can only wish for.

Nicki addressed Keys Da Problem in a USTREAM video, which was rather sad to me. Nicki looked depressed and in an ill mood, which is fine, but why go on USTREAM when you're PMS’ing Nicki? We all know, and have to admit Nicki is a dope MC, and before she got all commercialized, her songs were actually meaningful. All these made-up words, and crap has her watered down, but if she wanted to give it to Keys, I am quite sure she could.

Now this chick Shy LADY HERION, I don’t get it. Shy, I'll have to ask you why, get it? So Shy dissed Keys because she dissed Nicki? Um, ok so you tell Keys not to hate, but you hating on her? So dumb. I mean All these ladies have flow, but Keys and Shy clearly doing the most for a little bit of YOUTUBE fame.

Ladies this is so silly. Uplift each other, instead of knocking each other out at every chance you get. We are never gonna get anything accomplished, if we keep knocking each other. Its room in the Female Rapper Category for more than 3! Rap, Write, DO YOU, but not at the expenses of others.

Shy and Keys beef, please let go of ego's and make music people want to hear. Let your lyrics speak words, for itself. Rap Battle is fine, but leave it with the music and let's not take it to the streets w/ violence.

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