Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Soulja Boy & Kat Stacks


Kat Stacks has gotten the last laugh. She viciously recorded, private moments shared between her and Soulja Boy. She laughed in the mirror, of Soulja's hotel room saying "He's a Coke Head, Yo." I don't have any respect for women sorry, Little Girls, like Kat Stacks, she's a vindictive whore, that would do anything for money. These young guys, obviously find something attractive about her. If you swim with the sharks, you are bound to get bitten. No one is to blame, but Soulja Boy. She has tainted his image. I guess, she's the bitch in town setting these guys out. Men do it to women and Kat did it with no remorse to these Little Boys. She couldn't do a real man like that, no way, no how. No one wants to be thought of as the Coke head, now its embedded in my head, when I think about Soulja.

He utilized his twitter account to deny acquisitions.

Say what you want about Kat Stacks, but the girl got something to keep these dogs barking. Soulja Boy, don't lay with dogs, you will get flea's every time babe.


Tonishia said...

I started to do some shit like this, as a matter of fact I almost did. But before I tell you what stopped me. What sparked the idea was I was sick and tired of a certain person playing with my heart. Telling me he loves me soo much but he would turn around and SHOW it to someone else. Now I couldve dealt with that and eventually let his talk die down by itself. But what really ticked me off was when he would have to cover up because he was about to get caught with me (he didnt want to look like the bad guy cheating on the oh so popular good girl) and he would cover up by saying things like im desparate. BITCH YOU COMING AT ME! and this is someone i once had feelings for. It pissed me off that we couldn't be better than that. Well, the next three guys that i talked to turned out to have girlfriends :( Some luck... Well i decided maybe I should give these men a dose of their own medicine. Catch they ass up like Kat Stacks did, putit out there and watch their relationships burn in hell, and guess what! TOnishia will not be anywhere in sight when ya lil hearts been broken lol....
BUT, then I found out that REVENGE IS NOT THE ANSWER!!!

impeccableimperfections said...

T I feel you, and I must say I had a slight Kat Stacks Moment. It was anything graphic, it was just a picture of the back of his head. I was young and dumb, and it was stupid. I think that when you deal with idiots, you don't have to seek revenge, you will miss your blessing like that, let God handle it. You'll be blessed everytime. Keep your head up, a good guy will come along. Don't give up on love.