Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Stay out of the other people’s business.

As a friend sometimes we feel that it is our place, to warn off evil doers and to keep our friend safe by all means. This mentality will have you lonely and without a friend, or even worse KILLED. Advice is a funny thing, its defined as: a proposal for an appropriate course of action. People often times ask for it, but they don’t want it, people by nature want to do what ever they want to do. They might want to hear your opinion, but please believe what ever decision they have made up in their mind, is what’s going to manifest into existence. I’ve been there; I’ve been the person trying to say to my home girls, “He’s using you, he doesn’t want you, he’s a cheater, you’re too good for him” Do they leave, yeah they do, but only when they are ready. Nothing I say or do will diminish the love they have for that person, when they are ready to let go they will. When they are fed up, when they are good and tired, they will leave or either the Guy is going to walk out on them and leave them in a sad and lonely state, but that’s not the point right now. The point is, when that friend comes to you venting about this dead beat guy, or about how their life isn’t going right, or whatever woe its me, problem they may be experiencing you need to not let their problems consume you, just simply say “I don’t have any advice for you because you are not going to listen anyway” Be a listener, let them vent. But don’t offer anything, because if you say just leave him girl he not any good, she’s not gonna go and she might even go back to him and say My friend, said you not any good, I shouldn’t be with you” and what is this going to do? Its going make this guy have issues with you, he’s not gonna want his lady around you, so he’s going to try to wean your friend away from you, and now it’s a torn situation. If you’ve learned nothing else from The Hills, you should have learned this. Now some people may be accepting to advice, and your help, but if you’ve been there, talked to this person given advice and they still don’t listen, just stay out of there business.

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