Friday, September 17, 2010

My Hoes Before Bros

Relationships & Friendships

I have seen so many of my homegirls friendships end because of a man. I can't recall losing a friend because of a guy. But I have heard stories about how scandalous female intentions can be. There is a "Girl Rule" that everyone knows: Never go after your friend's guy or anyone your friend has dealt with, on a relationship level. But often times this rule is violated. There are always excuses and reason as to why the crossing the line actions occurred, but the untrustworthy friend is often times not forgiven. The guy in the situation, is not looked at as anally as the female friend, because we hold our friends to an higher standard. But is this the right? Should you hold a lifetime grudge against your friend, and take the guy back after he shows a little remorse? Why can't we place blame on both of the parties involved, and dish out punishment according to the crime? Is it ok to hold your friends to a higher standards than your guy? 

If my bestfriend and my guy crossed the line with each other, I feel as though I would be mad at both parties. But honestly, I will be more hurt by my friends actions, because I know how guys are (and this is no excuse). I would eventually forgive them both. 


Anonymous said...

Regardless of the situation, the reason this happens is ALWAYS for the wrong reason. When in the moment though, most people don't tend to think how that friend will be affected.No you should not put him before her because guys come and go. Now it would be a difference when married and kids are involved but regardless, it takes two to tango. Putting your friends to higher standards doesn't mean you should be more angrier at them. If that's the case, then obviously you don't feel that secure with your guy. Sometimes, some people are misguided and are just looking for a way. They tend to make mistakes and do stupid things but that's not an excuse. There are never any excuses but, if you want to be in a relationship with that person, in order to assure that your guy and your friend won't cross the line, make sure that you have an equally secure relationship with both of them.

impeccableimperfections said...

I agree Mr/Ms/Mrs. Anonymous. Sometimes people will stop thinking and do the unthinkable, and it is not correct. I am not condoning that behavior in any shape, form, or fashion.