Thursday, September 23, 2010


He's just with her because.....

Today’s generation is mentally screwed up. Where did values go? Common sense is a trait that is not so common these days. In our society young girls are willing to have a boyfriend, that’s married, or knowingly committed to someone else. These females are so corrupt, that they’ll take any piece of a man just to say they have one. They are that afraid of being alone, so that’ll accept a part time camaraderie. How could you for one minute, think that someone loves you, when they are with someone else? Yeah you get the occasional call when he’s alone, or when his wife is sleeping, and you’re used for sexual purposes. You may think that he’s intrigued by you, and you might hope that it will evolve into something more. There are some rare cases, where the mistress becomes the main chick, but even if this happens, what type of respect do you think this guy is going to have for you. He cheated with you, he’ll cheat on you! If they do love you, wouldn't you want to be the priority, and not the bench warmer?

Now I have no problem, with single people doing what single people do. A guy that’s not attached to anyone, that’s living the single life “talking” to different females, that’s fine if you as a woman want to a date a player, you just know what you are getting into it. It's another story if a guy lives with another female, kids are involved, and you want to come along and think you’re going to get a boyfriend. Its not pretty to be a homewrecker. It’s not cute to say “I’m about to go be with someone else’s man tonight.” You’re belittling yourself and your self-worth. If you rationalize what you are doing, you’ll see that your actions are a tad bit screwed up.

I am in no way perfect. In fact I have impeccable imperfections. But I can honestly say, that I have never been involved w/ a Married Man. Now I have been in situations, that weren’t ideal, but in no way, shape form or fashion, did I fall in love with the guy.

As a young lady, I think that it is time to get back to core values. There should be things that are just not acceptable. Don’t settle for a piece of a man, find yourself the entire package.

It’s best to not lead by example, not by words. Take what you will from this post, but know that sharing isn’t always caring.

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Don_Diva said...

I so agree with this entire post! I think females need to start having more respect for themselves because no one is immune to Karma. Stop going after taken men you know their favorite phrase "If a man can be taken away from you he was never yours to begin with." Anything to justify their actions smh. (you have a really cute blog by the way lol)