Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Vague & Direct

Recent Comment:

Wow its so obvious who this goes out to smh yall need to get it together but when mess keeps you separated thats a sure sign that you may have outgrown each other everyone has a petty attitude every now and then no one person is better than the next the only friend you need is God if u cant except that then u'll continue to live a life of drama its so exhausting and lame to dwell when you sit and think about it just saying im sick of people being worried about others i say they should get theirselves together and focused on what really matters and stay silent kill with kindness the last couple of days i been ranting myself but im trying from now on to be positive about everything and everyone it pays more than talking shit anyday yall better than what youve become but if u see fit for it to stay the way it is hey have at it and dont get to feeling like gg disrespected you just saying wht i feel it does say leave a comment lol but mmkay handle that delete it if you must
Just now seeing this comment, it was posted as SPAM, I guess my blogger automatic knows spam when it sees it, lol. Well G yes this may be obvious who this goes out to in your head, but no this is not about any ONE particular person, but it was Inspired by an X-Friend and other various situations. I’ve outgrown the relationship, you’re referring to. I mean I’m not on the same level as I once was. Yes everyone does have a petty attitude and that’s fine. But like I said it can become to freaking much, and I can’t stand those types of attitudes and I don’t deal w/ negativity. No one is better than the next, I surely don’t think I’m better than anyone. We both know that I’m humbled by each person that I meet. I am not dwelling on crap, I just blog about whatever I want to blog about, and that day I felt like talking about PETTY PEOPLE, I don’t even know where that topic came from, but when I write I just write. I don’t think about how someone may perceive my words because it’s me typing what I want to type, If I was trying to be dirty, I could have went into further details and made the entire post about a particular person, which it is not about ONE person, it’s a pretty vague topic. “Theirselves” is not a word btw, but any who I am not perfect, never claimed to be. I have IMPECCABLE IMPERFECTIONS & I love and embrace them. You and I both know that I’m very outspoken and I say what I like. I don’t have to talk sh-t but I have a slick mouth, and if someone want to word play, I’ll play with words. Now the same advice you’re giving me please tell it to others as well.

Please don’t feel disrespected by the blog, it is a BLOG SITE to express feelings, and such. So have a nice day, I still luv ya & who over else.


Miss Daja said...

don't you just love how bold ppl get behind the computer.. i use to have ppl hit me up and assume shit that would be said via my site, twitter, facebook etc. and i would just laugh and say "im glad you think that" or "wouldn't you like to know" they would get even more pissed off..oh well. lol.

impeccableimperfections said...

You're right, I love the saying "A shot dog, always bark" Assuming things almost always backfires.