Sunday, October 24, 2010

Detached Love

We've all had those relationships that went south. We still walk around the emotions that we wish we could wash away. I know for me, its certain people that I can’t shake for the life of me. I absolutely hate that feeling. No matter how much I want to forget what we’ve shared, it’s hard to erase memories. But I don’t want to be that girl, that’s emotionally attached to someone that’s not attached to anything.

I pretend to just hate the person I care for, until I’m emotionally freed. This mechanism has worked for me in the past. I wish I could just express my true feelings, (f-ck your feelings) but in the end no one really cares. Eventually you’ll get over it. Time heals all wounds.  I just wish time would hurry along, because I still get butterflies around the idiot. I just want to get over it.

Mariah Carey feat. The Dream

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Miss Daja said...

the thing that i do that always seems to free me of my emotions whether in the end i get what i want or not is to be completely honest and tell them exactly how i feel..after that i feel so much better and its actually easier to move on cuz then its like "i laid my cards out and its up to you what to do with them but if you wait too long i wont be here"