Friday, October 8, 2010

Pretty Girl's Rock

It's humorous to look at pretty girls with ugly attitudes. You know the ones with no humility, who think that their shit don’t stink. One day they will have a reality check and realize that a pretty face, with a bad attitude and lack luster personality will get you nowhere, but some place you’ll wish you weren't. A girl can really damage their appearance w/ a shitty attitude, vulgar mouth, and un-humbled heart.

Cheers to the real Pretty Girls, the girls who are beautiful inside and out. Continue to do you and remember where your light comes from, continue to let it shine.

I feel in love w/ this song by Keri. I hope she doesn't taint the mastered version, by attempting to sing it live. LMAO! Polo/Timbaland get this girl a vocal coach for live performances. *No Shade* I love this song!

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u damn right