Thursday, October 21, 2010

Your Petty Is Not Pretty

I can’t stand petty people. You know the ones that are impacted by the simplest things, in a negative way:

1. Of little importance; trivial.
2. (of behavior) Characterized by an undue concern for trivial matters, esp. in a small-minded or spiteful way

We have all had to deal with petty people. My last experience of dealing with a petty person was dealing with my emotional friend. Her pettiness was a clear result of unstableness and chaos within her life. Anything she heard just added to her stress, whether she’ll admit it or not. Anything that I did she'll have something negative to say. Misery loves company, now I know the true meaning of that quote. The way I deal with my petty friend  was to let her rant, say and do what she wanted to do, because nothing was going to appease her petty ass. If you are dealing with a petty person and this type of behavior gets on your nerves too much I’ll advise you to let go and go on a break with the petty muthafkka. I know that sounds like you will be a bad friend (or person), but hey it’s only so much a girl can take especially when dealing with a negative attitude.


Paradise Paris said...

I believe petty people have a lot of growing up to do. Influenced by the wrong people and/or ideas and tend to think that mixed messages are always negative and "cool". Petty people to to encourage ignorance as if they are making a rational statement. Sometimes, all they really want is attention. Or, sometimes, its more than that. Some petty people just tend to have a middle school state of mind. They are constantly trying to see others' faults and point out what others' aren't doing politically correct instead of sweeping on their own front porch. If you have a friend whose constantly being negative and not happy to see others happy, leave them by themselves, because in the end, they'll learn how to discover what real happiness really is.

Anonymous said...

Wow its so obvious who this goes out to smh yall need to get it together but when mess keeps you separated thats a sure sign that you may have outgrown each other everyone has a petty attitude every now and then no one person is better than the next the only friend you need is God if u cant except that then u'll continue to live a life of drama its so exhausting and lame to dwell when you sit and think about it just saying im sick of people being worried about others i say they should get theirselves together and focused on what really matters and stay silent kill with kindness the last couple of days i been ranting myself but im trying from now on to be positive about everything and everyone it pays more than talking shit anyday yall better than what youve become but if u see fit for it to stay the way it is hey have at it and dont get to feeling like gg disrespected you just saying wht i feel it does say leave a comment lol but mmkay handle that delete it if you must