Tuesday, November 9, 2010

The Blame Game

Men cannot accept being rejected by someone they care about. Some guys think they can go out and do whatever and still have someone waiting for them when they finish their dirt. Once that girl (who is supposedly waiting) realizes that the waiting is idiotic and decides to move on,that's when the guys heart gets broken. 

Sometimes the guy does not do anything wrong. The relationship may not be working out
and the female decides to move on. This can prompt certain guys to go crazy, men have different coping mechanisms. Some guys may not care.

Now we all know that Art Imitates life. Well Kayne West new song entitled: The Blame Game seems like he's taking shots at Amber Rose. The lyrics paints a picture of rejection and Kanye's lyric seems vulnerable and ill-willed. His feelings were obviously hurt and his heart had to be slightly broken. It's ok though we are all human, we all get hurt. But there are classy, more adult ways to get over things. But we all have our flaws. Including me, I have reacted to heartbreak in some pretty crazy ways. Lynn Whitefield's character, Brandi from A Thin Line Between Love and Hate was my role-model before I changed my life, lol!

Here Are The Lyrics From Kanye's Song. Judge For Yourself.

You weren’t perfect but you made life worth it
Stick around, some real feelings might surface
Been a long time since I spoke to you in a bathroom gripping you up and choking you
What the hell was I supposed to do
I know you ain’t getting this type of (expletive)  from that local dude
And if you are I hope you are have a good time
Cause I’ll definitely be having mine

And you ain’t finna see a mogul get emotional
Every time I hear bout other nigga’s stroking you
Might say I hit you
He sitting there consoling you
Rubbing my name through the mud
Who’s provoking you
You should be grateful a nigga like me ever noticed you
Now you noticeable and can’t nobody get control of you
1 AM and can’t nobody get a hold of you
I’m calling your brother’s phone like what was I supposed to do
Even though I knew, he never told the truth
He was just gon’ say whatever you gon’ told him to
At a certain point I had to stop asking questions
Ya’ll got dirt on each other like mud wrestlers
I heard he bought some coke with my money
That ain’t right girl
You getting blackmailed for that white girl
You always said “Yeezy, I aint you’re right girl”
“Probably find one of them ‘I like art’ type girls”
All of the lights, she was caught in the hype girl
And I was satisfied being in love with the lie
And who to blame, you to blame, me to blame
For the pain and it poured every time it rained

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Anonymous said...

Good post...some things are harder to accept whether male or female...it is best for individuals to be completely honest and lead anyone on.