Wednesday, January 26, 2011

I’m NOT gon’ cry! Now is not the time, because you’re not worth my tears.

Sometimes the best medicine is to break down and just cry. When you’re in emotional pain, it feels good to just release and let it all out through sobbing. But at some point you have to stop crying.  
Recently I’ve been a little emotional, dealing with my so-called Fiancé’ (now that’s a mess, no better yet a damn joke) One of my favorite quotes “Never cry over someone who isn’t crying over you. I have had to come to conclusion, that I know that I deserve better than to be sitting around saying “This is unfair.” Life isn’t fair and instead of being sad, I’ve decided to put my energy into more positive things. I will not let circumstances determine my happiness, nor will I let anyone steal my joy. I am taking the good with the bad, and chalking it up.  And most importantly, I am thinking about my next move, not going off of erratic thoughts, instead I’m carefully planning, so that my next move is my best move.

While all the time I was loving you, you were busy loving yourself. That sentence does something to me. Most of the time, when you get your heart broken, its because of loving/caring for someone who doesn't love/care for you in the same ways.  There is nothing more hurtful than someone, promising you forever, and leaving you with a broken dream. Chances are if you have lived life, you have experienced some type of heartbreak.


ChristopherTUJ said...

One word, "amazing". I have been there and had my heart torn to pieces. I cried, doubted myself and wondered was love even for me. Allow me to suggest that you are too good to settle. Love is real but few know how to handle it. Real men should express their love to their better half and real women should display their affection just the same. Thanks for the blog post.

impeccableimperfections said...

Thank You Chris. Your words are kind and true. Settling is horrible and no one should have to do it, and I know my worth, but sometimes it gets hard and the easy thing to do seems to be just settle, which I know isn't right. Real men should express their love and get the same thing in return, I can't wait until I can display my love to someone who appreciates it.

Miss Daja said...

i commend you!
often times we get way too comfortable with doing our every day routines whether they are good/healthy for us or not! we have to learn that our happiness starts from within and we can't let a man determine how good or bad our day is. if you aren't happy, YOU can control that. =)