Monday, January 3, 2011

Imageless Image

Hey Guys! Decided to share a poem I wrote back in 2008. Hope you Enjoy!!!!

Imageless Image
By: Ciera Chantál

Look in the mirror
An imageless image appears back
So empty inside
The pain which caused by lies
Are making the outer look perfect
But the inner slowly dies
You can’t always run behind a fake smile
You can’t always rely on that male
Trying to run a mile
But taking to that track in someone else’s shoes
Yea that’s what has you down that’s what’s given you the blues
Because he lies and abuse
You are his trophy, let’s call you the token
You know you aren’t perfect
You know your life isn’t true
You know your world is upside down
You think you are too far ahead to turn back around
You stay quiet let him take control
Acting like the perfect token
Doing what you are told
But he is taking you down a pathless road
Leading to your defeat
Your death your children’s grief
You are walking the path of your mother’s sorrows
The path you promise to never go
You thought that his love would grow
To him you could never say no
But still you sit
And ponder in that mirror
An imageless image appears back
So empty inside
But still hiding behind those lies
He loves me
He does it because he loves me
He doesn’t love those other girls
I’m his world
I’m the token
I’m the prize
The lies, the lies, the lies
Keeps you pretty on the outside
But your inner beauty dead on the sidelines
That is in the inside
The day has come for him to move on
You have no purpose
He found that girl that fits him like a glove
You are left with no love
You can’t handle how you have became a body
With no soul
It’s like you’re dead, basically a ghost
A piece of flesh, that is so cold
Your emotions became too rowdy
The only thing that was left to do was
To walk up to the highest building
Pull out that mirror
And yell
I am somebody, I am somebody
With him I am
I’m the trophy
But inside you know
You’re headed for hell
He is no longer apart of you
So how could you excel
I’m nothing
You whisper to that mirror
As you exhale
Throw the mirror down that building
Put the gun to your lifeless face
And pull the trigger
The mirror is broken
So is the token
Which never was prize
Just a lost little girl’s mind
Filled up with lies.

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Frederick said...

I see your heart has been broken
from read this over and over. you have a strong will that will never be broken. But singing the blues oh no no no my dear keep your cool. Continue to stay focus and keep your head up because that imageless image will some day show up the perfect soul mate and on that day there will be no more lies. He will bring out the inter beauty onto the outside.