Thursday, January 20, 2011

Ray J's Boo Is Not Having That!

I like Ray J’s girlfriend, Brittany. She seems to be a cool girl. A regular chick, she’s a college student and that gives her an A+ in my book. I’m glad Ray J found a seemingly respectable girl. The chicks on For The Love Of Ray J were reality hopefuls, looking for some fame. Ms. Berry seemed real, though…But she had too much baggage. Anywho back to the subject! Check out Brittany shutting down questions about Kim K and Amber-Rose. That’s how you do the thang girl! Get ‘Em!

Brittany’s Commentary Starts Around The 2:27 mark!


Chris said...

I have been a fan of the "For The Love of Ray J" series. There were many gorgeous women but that was it. They were either crazy or had baggage. But Ray's new girl is that puzzle piece that makes everything complete. Beautiful, smart and dedicated to her man...we need more like her.

Miss Daja said...

lol she always puttin her foot down! ray j better calm his lil butt down.