Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Who's getting that Killa Khalifa?

 So our Veteran Bad Girl Miss Natalie Nunn decides to do a very Kat Stacks like video declaring how much she doesn't "Give A Fuck" about Wiz Khalifa. Now we all saw those cell phone pictures surface of Nat and Wiz, this is common for Natalie, she gets around. Well recently Wiz had a more popular groupie chick on his arm Amber-Rose. Seems like this had Natalie a little upset. The video is a mess, it's a long rant of utter bitterness. Watch if you must, but you already know how the story goes, when a groupie rants. I don't know if Karrine Steffans started a new trend of groupie chicks going out of their way to expose rappers, it is so pitiful, but entertaining.

The more Natalie chin  claims she doesn't give a fuck the more bitter she sounds. Sorry but this is no way to heal a broken heart or a bruised ego.


Miss Daja said...

this video is hilarious. i didn't watch it but i listened to it while i was doing something on the computer! she is a MESS and clearly upset but the funny part is the whole time she kept sayin "im from the mufkn bay. idgaf." and then kept playin "nga don't act like a b.tch" lmaoooo i was crackin up because really natalie..thats how mad u are?

anyway..i miss ur twitter..forgot your name on there..


Miss Daja said...

okay nevermind..i see your twitter to the right of this! lol