Friday, April 29, 2011

Make You Feel My Love

I love music. It’s always a song out there can describe your feelings, down to the core. Currently I am so t in love is Adele’s Make You Feel My Love. The lyrics are so deep and she sings the melody with such passion. You can hear the desperation in her voice.

Sometimes you do love someone so much that you’ll do anything for them. This may be strange, but when I hear this song, it makes me want to cry. Not because I want to express my love to some guy, but because I know how it feels to want someone to know that you love them. I love my Grandmother, more than anything in this world, and I want her to know that. This song reminds me of the passion I have for that little lady. See the lyrics below. I sure you can relate to this feeling. If you can’t you probably don’t really love anyone.

Make You Feel My Love lyrics

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