Sunday, May 15, 2011

Equal Playing Field

It’s funny how some people have this idea of the perfect person stuck in their head. Some men are willing to dog each and every woman out that doesn’t fit their image of “perfection.” Most want the most but are giving the least. It’s ok to have standards and want certain things out of your significant other but when you’re checking off that checklist make sure that you are offering the same. How can you ask for someone who is beautiful, smart, good cooker, lady in the streets, freak in the bed, college educated with no kids, when you yourself has an awful personality, no sense of humor, have a roommate, 2 baby mommas, and barely getting by. Reevaluate the situation, if you want that idea perfect person, make yourself as impeccable as possible. You should want someone who can make you better, but you have to be realistic. Never ask for anything that you can’t give in return.

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