Monday, May 30, 2011

Music Monday: Kreayshawn

What started as a random video viewing via youtube last week, turned me into a White Girl Mob enthusiast. After watching Kreayshawn’s “Gucci, Gucci” video I fellin love with the swagged out rapper. I started going through all of her videos, followed her on twitter, and even went to her tumblr page. Through my stalker like tendencies “Research” I found out that Kreayshawn is not only an entertainer, she’s a Director, Editor, Dj, Cinematographer, and Artist from Oakland California. Kreayshawn is unique and original; her latest song, is fun, cute and right on time for a summer anthem. In today’s world being superficial is the new it thing, it’s nice to see a female, going a completely opposite direction and being the coolest. She’s basically the opposite of fake boobs, fake ass, and fake hair, she beautiful in her own skin and she embraces and embodies those simple imperfections that makes her impeccable.

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