Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Lil Wayne: Public Service Announcement

Dewayne Carter is always on some other shit. This video started off fine and then he went on to a little rant. Ranting is fine, but I personally don't want to hear one of my favorite artist on camera talking about a lot of nonsense that doesn't matter. But I guess it's appealing to another age group or to someone who is oblivious to the fact that Little Wayne wasn't the first person sipping lean. Of course, you weren't the first rapper on dirty Sprite Dewayne, everyone from my hood knows who UGK is and we know that this way of life originated in TEXAS. Now for the self mutilation, I do think a lot of youth is looking up to Lil' Dewayne and getting these crazy tatts all over their bodies. Which leads me to ask the question, how are you going to get a job with that. I agree with Lil' Dewayne, it goes back to parenting, we can't blame him for the actions of others. Anywho, I feel Lil' Dewayne gave us a prime example of what it means to be "doing too much."

Watch Video Below:

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